My First Coffee

When did you drink your first cup of coffee? Why is the first coffee of the day always the best? How do you make it? How do you drink it? To discover more about the rituals of coffee lovers all over the globe, Mr. Coffee aka Johan Kramer brings his film cameras along, drinks a hot black cup of joe and makes new friends during short coffee conversations that last as long as it takes to enjoy the first coffee of the day.
A big salute from Mr. Coffee and his friends Norbert, Andy, Damien, Penny,

Sotu the Traveller, Annelien, Pieter, Yui, Joppo and many others!

More servings coming up!

Damian Poulain

Mark Chalmers

Özkan Yetik

Dick de Kock

Erik de Kock

Koen Tossijn

Julio Rölle

David Hieatt

Matthew Robley-Siemonsma

Trevor Hyam

Eiichi Kunitomo

Eiichi Kunitomo - Ometesando Koffee

Pep & Rene Zamudio

Pep & Rene Zamudio  - Café Con Leche en Vaso

Ernest Gual

Ernest Gual - Barcelona

Marco Bartolomé

Marco Bartolomé - Satan's Coffee Corner

Daisuke Hamada

Daisuke Hamada – Little Nap Coffee Stand – Tokyo

Kai-Uwe Beyer

Kai-Uwe Beyer –  Godshot – Berlin


Frederik Frede – Freunde von Freunden – Berlin

Tom Schippers

Tom Schippers – EYE Film Museum – Amsterdam


Nalden – Amsterdam

Masataka Nojo

Masataka Nojo – Nozy Coffee – Tokyo

Katerina Plevkova

Kat Plevkova – Photographer – Amsterdam

Kees Kraakman

Kees Kraakman – Koffiedienstverlener – Amsterdam

Kris Schackman

Kris Schackman – 5 Elephant – Berlin

Mr Coffee

Mr Coffee – – Bergen